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About Peter

Peter is from Dublin the capital city of Ireland. He has worked extensively throughout the world and has contributed to the development of Chambers and Chamber Networks in over 77 countries worldwide.

Academically Peter has a primary degree in Science and Masters Degrees in Business Management and Organisational Behaviour. He has lectured in several universities on key management subjects including organisational behaviour.

Peter is the CEO of South Dublin Chamber, a very successful Irish Chamber and has recently established the British Irish Chamber of Commerce. He works with Eurochambres and the Council of British Chambers of Europe. He has also worked with Chamber Networks in Asia, Middle East and South America.

Creating an Organisation

Peter has not only had a key role in the management and development of organisations he has also established several organisations from concept to full operation including, the British Irish Chamber of Commerce, Peter started work on the establishment of this Bi lateral Chamber in 2010 and today it employs staff in London and Dublin.

ECO –Unesco Clubs, Peter established this National Youth Environmental Organisation which today is Irelands leading organisation in this field and contributes strongly to European and international environmental education.

Boards and Non Executive Directors

Peter is in high demand as a Board member and serves on several boards including a Hospital, University and National Youth Organisation. Internationally Peter serves on academic and development committees for International Chamber organisations including Eurochambres and the Council for British Chambers in Europe.

As a Board member and officer of an organisation, Peter sees at first hand the challenges that non executive directors face and through his experience in this arena he sees the many ways that non executives contribute to organisations. In successful organisations the ability to capture and utilise the skills and knowledge of serving members contributes greatly to the organisation success. In contrast where the non executive is under utilised the organisation lacks a critical element to drive its growth. This can be readily addressed. For further information on ensuring your Board is fully engaged and utilised talk with Peter.